According to the TTU constitution the following are tyoe of members
(a)    Full Members:

(i)    Full members shall be teachers with professional qualification.

(ii)    Teachers with teaching licences.

(b)    Associate Members:

Associate Members shall be teachers with the following qualifications:

(i)    Teachers with professional qualification who reside and work outside the United Republic of Tanzania.

(ii)    Students in Teacher Training Colleges.

(iii)    Retired teachers.

(c)    Honorary Members:

Honorary Membership shall be given to famous/prominent people who have offered special contributions to the teaching profession.


(a)    Rights of Full Members:

(i)    To elect and to be elected to a leadership position in the Union.

(ii)    The right to defend oneself and the right to give a statement of defence at a TTU Meeting or an organ/institution involved in a conflict against him/her, and the right to appeal to higher organs of the Union if a member is not satisfied with the decision reached by the lower levels against him.  For Union issues the appeals shall conclusively end at the respective Councils.  And for conflicts pertaining to leadership, appeals shall conclusively be made by the National Council.  If the problem concerns top leaders of the Union, the National Council shall have the Mandate of giving a warning, to dismiss and to propose to the National Congress for final decision.

(iii)    To be defended by the Union on matters related to his/her rights and welfare according to law and regulations.

(iv)    To participate in and enjoy the gains derived from academic/professional, cooperative and social or welfare activities carried out by the Union in accordance with the existing laws and regulations.

(v)    To be educated on his/her rights.

(b)    Full Members’ Obligations:

(i)    To pay monthly membership fees.

(ii)    To attend respective constitutional meetings.

(iii)    To participate fully in Union activities.

(iv)    To implement resolutions/directives reached by the Union.

(v)    To constantly struggle for higher educational and professional attainments.

(vi)    To know his/her rights.

(vii)    To defend, spread and protect the Union at all times with concerted effort.

(c)    Rights of Associate Members:

(i)    To be defended by the Union on matters concerning his/her rights and welfare from his/her lawful employment according to the existing laws and regulations.

(ii)    The right to defend oneself and the right to be given opportunity to express one’s views at a respective Union meeting or at an organ handling a charge against him/her and having the right to appeal to higher levels of the Union, if the aggrieved member is not satisfied with the decision passed against him at a lower level.  For conflicts related to Union matters, the respective council shall have the final decision on the appeal.

(iii)    To participate and to enjoy all the gains accrued from activities related to professionalism, cooperatives and social welfare carried out by the Union according to the law, regulations and other stipulated guidelines.

(d)    Obligations of Associate Member:

(i)    To advice and to give ideas that will strengthen the Union.

(ii)    To educate himself/herself and to understand the Union.

(iii)    To support all the efforts of the Union.

(iv)    To reinforce the professional Code of Conduct and Teachers’ Ethics.


If the registration of a member is accepted, his/her name shall be listed in the Register of the Union after he/she has properly filled in the membership forms provided by the Union.


(a)    A member shall cease his membership if:

(i)    He/she has not paid his/her membership fees for a period of 12 months without reasons related to his/her working conditions.

(ii)    He/she shall not be an employed person by abandoning or by being expelled by the employer and the Union agrees with the reasons which led to reach that decision.

(iii)    He/she resigns.

(iv)    He/she fails to observe the Professional Code of conduct.

(v)    His/her membership is dissolved.

(vi)    He/she dies.

(b)    No refund in respect of fees shall be given to a member whose membership has been dissolved.


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